UN climate report invokes chilling words

If we were all still in grade school, “unequivocal” would be the word of the day, brought to you by the BBC headline “Global warming now 'unequivocal'” and the Financial Times header “Humans blamed for unequivocal global warming.” “UN '95% sure' humans cause warming ‘threatens our planet, our only home’," shared Natasha Khan, an environment and energy reporter for PublicSource. ”But NIMBY anti-wind turbine MPs dominate government,” wondered Tom Parry at the Daily Mirror.

Others had a different quibble: “Global warming ‘unequivocal' is not the same as 95 per cent certain,” pointed out Daily Telegraph’s Roger Highfield, formerly editor of The New Scientist. BBC’s Pete Sinclair took this angle on it: “If you think climate change is a myth, I'd say your decision to ignore the evidence has now reached David Icke levels,” which was quickly retweeted by The Guardian’s Sunny Hundal.

(Image: Melting Earth Ice Cream via Shutterstock.)

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