To shutdown or not to shutdown

While the internet was busy watching Breaking Bad, Jonathan Martin at the New York Times was writing that Warren Is Now the Hot Ticket on the Far Left. He explained, “How intense is Warren buzz? Pro-Yellen conf calls earlier this month repeatedly turned to How Do We Draft Elizabeth…” and added, “Some longtime liberal leaders have had to counsel younger progressives to slow down a bit on Draft talk.” Michael Mishak with the Associated Press wrote, “Liberals have new rallying cry: ‘I’m from the @SenWarren Wing of the Democratic Party.’” Dave Catanese pointed out, “. @SenWarren declined invitation to Harkin's steak fry.”

Speaking of Breaking Bad, Warren Buffett dressed up as everyone’s favorite TV anti-hero to celebrate the series’ end and tweeted: “Not even the Oracle knows what will happen tonight #waltsuccessor.” Naturally, the internet then spent the evening retweeting Buffett’s dress-up photo. Paul Sloan at CNET called it, “Too funny.” Mike Isaac with AllThingsD tweeted: “Holy fuck Warren Buffett just broke bad.” Ismat Sarah Mangla with CNN called the whole thing: “PRICELESS.” Ryan Mac at Forbes added, “Warren White. #billionairemethdealers.”

Elsewhere in the Capitol, there’s a CNN Poll that shows Republicans would bear the brunt of shutdown blame courtesy of Paul Steinhauser. Richard Greene there wrote, “Ahead of govt shutdown, US split 50-50 on whether Obama is acting like an adult; 2/3 say GOP acting like children.” Brian Eason from the Clarion-Ledger said, “Weirdest poll you'll see today: 7 in 10 think House GOP are acting like "spoiled children" in govt shutdown fight.” Gerald Seib with the Wall Street Journal wrote, “CNN poll finds six in 10 want budget deal to avoid shutdown; if not, more would blame GOP. #budget.” Joe Weisenthal with Business Insider had another thought: “IMO this CNN Poll doesn't look that bad for the Republicans.”

Whatever the opinion, Sam Stein at the Huffington Post discovered that DC stores are already advertising for a shutdown. Freelancer John McQuaid (who is all over our Twitter today) suggested: “Start drinking now.”

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