... And all we got is this toothbrush

So we scrounged for some shred of levity on which to end--one that didn't involve mocking the government shutdown--but there were no twitpics of Bo to be found. Still, we did find this news item: an incredible toothbrush that can clean your teeth in just six seconds. As if that's not impressive enough, it's 3D-printed, as well! (And no, that's not it to the left of this blurb.)

"Man this toothbrush is amazing," tweeted Quartz's Leo Mirani, in an effort to take his mind off everything else, we're sure. "Science!" proclaimed Jason Karaian, also at Quartz.

... Now if only the US Congress could be so efficient, right?

Sorry. Couldn't resist. We're weak.

(Image: Tooth and Toothbrushes via Shutterstock)

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