And the wall comes tumbling down

In what appears to be a paywall rollback trend, the Dallas Morning News has followed the San Francisco Chronicle in announcing its web content will again be free starting ... well, today. "Every newspaper has to figure out what works with their readers. Dallas decided paywalls don't for them," Chicago Tribune's Alex Garcia concluded. "Most newspapers are dissimilar to the NY Times, paywalls generally a bad strategy," INN's Adam Schweigert pieced together from the story, but Henry Blodget at Business Insider protested, "Not for local!"

"What's interesting is the Morning News' publisher admits that what readers are paying for is print, not the news," observed the article's author Mathew Ingram of GigaOM, later adding, "in other words, they are paying for the delivery system or the platform, not the actual content." LA Times' Morgan Little pointed out something else: "Kinda crazy that the Dallas Morning News is backing down from paywall, given earlier spirited support for the model."


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