It's not the web; it's the unwed!

Something in journalists causes us to read and pass along material that seems to completely horrify us, and that was no less the case with this invective by Chris Powell, the managing editor at the Journal Inquirer in Hartford, Connecticut. Lured in by the seemingly innocuous headline "Journalism's problem may not be the Internet," we might be enticed to believe Powell offers a fresh take on what's ailing newsies. Instead, what we got was this: “Newspapers cannot sell themselves to households headed by single women who have several children by diff fathers,” The Atlantic's Garance Franke-Ruta quoted Powell from the piece. "Vomit," was the one-word reaction from Stephanie Haberman at NBC News. "The managing editor of the Journal Inquirer has interesting/horrible views on newspaper customers," chimed in Philip Bump with The Atlantic.

If you do choose to read, don't miss the end of the piece. Or do, if you'd prefer to sustain your faith in humanity. "This guy has been waiting 20 years to write this third-to-last graf," surmised Ryan Singel, formerly of Wired.

It's the same paragraph that led journalism instructor Mark Hamilton to suggest what would otherwise be a shocking proposal to most in this field: "Maybe some newspapers don’t deserve to survive."

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