Featured journalist: Hal Bundrick

Today’s featured journalist is Hal Bundrick, a writer and Certified Financial Planner who writes for The Street, MainStreet, and The Simple Dollar, among others. You can find him covering all manner of beat from general features and personal finance to small business and the market around the South. Bundrick’s portfolio includes NFL Agent's Radical Money Game Plan Could Help You Avoid Financial Fumbles, Do You Suffer from "Premature Accumulation?", Six Ways to Fight the Gen Y Stereotypes That Keep You from Getting a Job, and (possibly our favorite) My wife gets drunk with NBC newscaster Brian Williams every night. And so can yours. He prefers being pitched by e-mail, welcomes freelance assignments, and suggests you kids “Get a mentor.” Also, “Learn a lot and laugh at their stories, but not at them. And build a fricking social media platform as soon as possible.” Easy peasy.

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