Government shutdown: day 2

While the government shutdown enters its second day, Jordan Weissmann from the Atlantic, found The Saddest Paragraph You'll Read About the Government Shutdown Today. Austin Cross at CBS Los Angeles wrote, “About 30 children, many with cancer, will be turned away from the NIH Clinical Center.” Our very own Kirsten Brown said of the news, “This is disgraceful.”

For more on things that have been shut down, Leo Shane snapped this photo with the caption: “Honor flight vets just knocked over the barriers at the WWII memorial to get inside, #shutdown or no.” Ron Hoon at Fox 10 Phoenix said, “Honor flight vets say not so fast to govt trying to keep them from #WWII memorial. Break down fences.” Chris Moody wrote, “That is so punk rock.” Nick Bryant with the BBC said, “World War II vets storm national memorial in Washington in defiance of the#shutdown | Great snapshot via @politico.”

Looking for a solution, Jessica Roy of Time Magazine’s Newsfeed wrote The Government Shut Down Its Panda Cam, So We Made Our Own. Nate Rawlings there said, “The #TimePanda welcomes you to day 2 of the #governmentshutdown - He made some friends overnight.” Colleague Eric Dodds added… “Keep sending along your name suggestions.” Mark Garrison with Marketplace labeled the endeavor, “Service journalism.”

In some bizarre attempt at internet humor (we hope), the account GOP Leader tweeted this photo and wrote: “We sit ready to negotiate with the Senate. #FairnessForAll.” Ken Olshansky from CNN tweeted: “Behold the face of a new America. Oh, hang on... sorry, wrong picture.” David Shuster wrote, “Hey @GOPLeader, that photo you are so proud of has no women, no minorities, + all white shirts. Seriously?” Jamelle Bouie at Daily Beast added, “Yup, the House GOP definitely represents America.”

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein explains Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the right. Jim Roberts at Reuters said, “Why Speaker Boehner seems beholden to 30-40 GOP hardliners. Good analysis by@ezraklein & @robertcostaNRO.” Peter Sagal from NPR agreed: “Really informative piece on inner-GOP politics. #nosnark.” Anne Cronin at Politico wrote, “Late, I know, but love this @robertcostaNRO quote: Boehner ‘just trying to survive and enjoy it while it lasts.’”

Also from Ezra Klein, This is what the Republicans were afraid of. Christiane Amanpour who needs no introduction called it a “Good take on the U.S. shutdown.” Brian Stelter with the New York Times tweeted this quote from the piece: "The juxtaposition of Tuesday's two top stories was extraordinary." Charles Ornstein at ProPublica wrote “If demand for Obamacare is high, bad news for Rs, says @ezraklein.” Henry Blodget from Business Insider put it more simply: “Americans want Obamacare.”

Over at Al Jazeera, they wrote that Reporting on government shutdown has failed democracy. Scott Bixby with Bloomberg Businessweek wrote, “This is why you should be reading @ajam: ‘We need a more fearless media.’” Delia Gonçalves at WUSA9 Washington said, “Do u understand why we're here? @ajam says #journalists have failed in reporting the #governmentshutdown.”

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