If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a newspaper hates you, there’s the handy How Much Are You Hated By The Daily Mail? quiz to help you out. Lloyd Embley at the Daily Mirror called it, “A little something from our friends at Are YOU hated by the Daily Mail.” Anousha Sakoui with the Financial Times wrote, “The results are in, and I'm hated by the Daily Mail! How about you?” Turns out, Helen Massy Beresford at Reuters and Matt Turner of the Financial News were also on the list. Paul Hodkinson also from Financial News tweeted: “And me!”

For another meltdown, read Reuters’ exclusive news that Microsoft investors push for chairman Gates to step down. Jim Roberts at Reuters wrote, “Several top Microsoft investors are pushing for Bill Gates to give up chairman's role.” Colleague Bill Trott said, “No comment from #microsoft on dump-gates movement brewing w/ three top shareholder.” Henry Mance at the Financial Times added, “‘Replacing the old guard with some fresh eyes can provide the oxygen needed...’ - Someone actually said that.” Colleague Paul J Davies wrote, “Ooo, lk at that: ‘investors are concerned Gates' role as chairman effectively blocks the adoption of new strategies.’”

Though it’s been a bit since Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, the paper wrote today that their sale to the Amazon founder officially closed.

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