Commenter's revenge

BuzzFeed kindly put together a list of The 12 Types Of People You Find In News Website Comments. Lana Clements from Yahoo! News called it, “A BuzzFeed that all journos should be able to relate to.” In proper jouno fashion, everyone then called out their favorite in the list:

  • Kirsten Salyer at Bloomberg Businessweek: “Totally how I react when I find a #12.”
  • Kevin Glass from the Washington Examiner: “Jazz Bigots are my favorite kind of commenter.”
  • Lahav Harkov with Jerusalem Post: “Dedicated to all of #JPost 's ‘talkbackers.’”
  • Mary Williams at Salon: “Forgot angry oppressed by feminism guy but yeah.”
  • Cassandra Vinograd from Associated Press: “#9: HOW IS THIS NEWS?!”

Elsewhere in journalism, Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times’ Public Editor, wrote An Unacceptable Headline Atop a Questionable Article. Nico Hines at the Daily Beast said, “Wow, NYT public editor absolutely hammering her colleagues. Who needs enemies…” Alexi Mostrous from The Times wrote, “For a sec I thought she was talking bout the Mail.” Richard Hall at the Independent said, “Harsh words from NYT public editor @Sulliview on article that claimed McClatchy undermined US intel with Qaeda story.” Russell Brandom at The Verge put succinctly: “Margaret Sullivan kicks ass, takes names.” Freelancer Daniel Froomkin looked on the bright side: “Well-deserved shout-out to "The Huffington Post’s energetic media reporter"@mlcalderone from @sulliview.”

And in quite a meta bit of news, The Atlantic gives us the inside story on Propublica’s acetaminophen story with: These Journalists Spent Two Years and $750,000 Covering One Story. Rebecca Trounson said, “Sure seems worth it.” Zak Keefer at the Indianapolis Star added, “I like the dedication.”

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