Crash of the pickle lorry

For a story that should make you smile for a change, here’s Branston pickle lorry crashes near Cheddar. As we know from previous news cycles, trucks full of food spilling over are ripe with puns. Especially when it happens in a place called Cheddar (brb moving there). Danielle Ivory at Bloomberg News pointed out, “FYI: The pickle cargo was severely damaged.” David Crow at Financial Times tweeted; “Dear Western Daily Mail, I am an ambitious young journalist and a huge fan of your work... job please.” Colleague Jim Pickard wrote, “My old newspaper. Best headline ever!” David Firn also at the Financial Times deemed it, “HEADLINE OF THE YEAR KLAXO.” Abe Lardinelli added, brilliantly, “People are tweeting about this story with far too much relish.”

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