#Muckedup chat Tuesday: improving your writing

#Muckedup chat Tuesday: improving your writing

I grew up with two writers for parents. My father, like many before him, often told me that if I wanted to be a better writer I better read. He was right, as always. My mother told me to write from my heart -- with emotion. Reveal yourself, she said. She was right, too. 

With mentors in mom and dad, I knew from early on my future would be typing keys and filling blank pages with black ink.

Fast forward to now and I write professionally every day. Still reading, still learning from my peers as much as my own experience, and my parents, this week on the chat we're going to talk about just what it takes to improve your work. To make your writing that much better, how to maximize your productivity, and hopefully, enjoy the process along the way.

I've been thinking about this topic for a while now, but a live chat this Thursday with Poynter's Roy Peter Clark convinced me now was a good time to bring this to the group. In leading up to the chat, feel free to send me questions or suggestions via Twitter. See you this Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8 EST. Until then.



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