Government shutdown: day 4

On the fourth day of the government shutdown, Ezra Klein wrote in the Washington Post’s Wonkbook that Obamacare’s web site is really bad. Nolan Hicks at the San Antonio Express-News said, “Wonkbook: The federal healthcare exchange website is pretty bad.” John Dickerson at CBS News tweeted this quote from the story: "The Obama administration doesn't have a basically working product that would be improved by a software update." Sam Stein at Huffington Post wrote, “Wonkblog acknowledges the obvious. the obamacare website rollout is kinda embarrassing.” Josh Kraushaar from the National Journal added, “Everyone acknowledging the obvious, except the White House.” Justin Green at the Washington Examiner wondered, “Curious if @ezraklein would support a one-year mandate delay if technical problems persist in exchanges websites.”

At the New York Times, Jonathan Martin explains that G.O.P. Elders See Liabilities in Shutdown. Martin added: “My story today - estab Rs letting loose on hard-liners for diverting attn from ACA to shutdown,” adding, “Shutdown also delays GOP reformation - neither the estab nor the libertarian populists can get traction.” Michael Catalini from the National Journal tweeted this quote from the story: "Ms. Ayotte was especially furious.”

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