Shooting at the Capitol

Oct 04, 2013

During all of this shutdown business, news broke yesterday afternoon that Shots were fired at the Capitol. At the time, Mark Berman with the Washington Post tweeted: “We're wrapping up our live updates on the car chase/shooting. Head here for the latest story.”

Here’s the AP’s breaking story about the shooting. Cassandra Vinograd there wrote, “U.S. Capitol shooting unfolded after police chased a black car, said one tourist. ‘Then I heard the gunfire.’” Colleague Jeff Amy added, “Police officer injured in U.S. Capitol shooting.”

Marc Schloss took this photo and tweeted: “No joke on Capitol Hill as Cops are running w/machine guns as reports of shots being fired at Capitol.”

In the aftermath, a new photo came out from Doug Mills at the New York Times showing a Hill staffer checking his phone as police take aim on the grounds of the Capitol.

Alhurra News found video of the black car that hit a security barrier at White House and  Dorsey Shaw at BuzzFeed reposted it. BuzzFeed News tweeted: “New shocking video footage of the police chase near the Capitol.” Jeff Plungis from Bloomberg Businessweek added, “Video of high-speed car chase in front of U.S. Capitol before shooting.”

And in what’s truly the best thing to come out of the shooting (the only good thing, really), reporters on the scene found bro witness, whom, in all honesty, we would ask to prom. Leigh Munsil at Politico wrote, “Very little humor in this situation overall but oh boy.” Jay Busbee with Yahoo! News tweeted this quote: "Was I scared? Jeah!" Foster Kamer from Complex had a request: “Please let BroWitness become a meme, Please let BroWitness become a meme, Please let BroWitness become a meme.” Brian Ries with Newsweek Global made those dreams come true: “The Bro Witness will be today's meme.” Hanna Welch with Grist wondered, “Is it unseasonably warm in DC today? Please say yes.” Caitlin Kelly from The New Yorker had an idea: “Vanity Fair plz interview this guy about his laid-back, cut-abs exercise routine next.” Then the puns rolled out:

Victor Godinez wrote, “Tragedy to farce in record time. Congrats, world.” And Jared Keller at Al Jazeera English summed it up: “This is amazing.”

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