The looters of Nairobi

In other aftermath news, Nicholas Kulish, Josh Kron, and Jeffrey Gettleman at the New York Times collaborated on the following, troubling story: Thievery After Carnage in Kenya Raises Questions About Soldiers’ Conduct. David Owens with the Hartford Courant said, “After mall massacre, Kenyan military looted stores, busted open safes, and stole, stole, stole.” Nicholas Thompson with The New Yorker explained, “Hard to identify corpses in Kenya because the military ‘guarding’ the mall stole their wallets.” Josh Cornfield at the Associated Press tweeted this quote from the piece: "Four-day siege or four-day shopping spree?" C.J. Chivers from the New York Times pointed out, “Happened at Ground Zero/NYC after 9/11, too. Some ‘rescuers’ became thieves.”

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