Government shutdown: day 7

Oct 07, 2013

It’s now been a week since our government shut down and Yalman Onaran at Bloomberg News explains that A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman’s Fall. Sam Litzinger with CBS News said, “What happens if the U.S. defaults in a few days? Most experts say: very, very bad things.” Patrick Gower at Bloomberg News wrote, “TLDR: If the U.S defaults, it's the end of the world.” Colleage Ben Steverman tweeted: “‘The total due from Oct. 17 through Nov. 7 is $417B.’ Excellent, scary overview of the default threat by @Yalman_BN.”

Ominously, the Financial Times reminds us that China warns US ‘clock is ticking’ on shutdown. David Pilling there wrote, “Can't wait for South Park version of this story. Hey America, pay us our goddamn money back.” Binyamin Appelbaum from the New York Times added, “China says the US should avoid default ‘to ensure the safety of the Chinese investments.’” Peter Thal Larsen with Reuters said, “To get Congress to pay attention, you need a better argument than [that].”

Over at the New York Times, Jeremy Peters writes Senate Chaplain Shows His Disapproval During Morning Prayer. Peter Baker at the New York Times tweeted: “‘Save us from the madness’ -- the Senate's daily scolding from its disappointed chaplain.” Meredith Shiner from Roll Call admits, “I wish I had thought of this. @JWPetersNYT interviews Senate Chaplain Barry Black.”

As if Washington wasn’t seeing enough drama, there’s also a tornado watch for the D.C. area through 5 p.m. Capital Weather tweeted: “DC tornado watch in effect thru 5 pm, but we think worst of storms done by 1 or 2.” Christopher Mims with Quartz wrote, “Possible tornados in DC today. Hell of a thing to happen during a shutdown.” Benjy Sarlin from MSNBC said, “Weather around DC this week projected to include 2 to 4 horsemen descending from sky.” Danielle Ivory at Bloomberg News added, “And at least 3 plagues.”

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