Bill Marimow ousted at Inky

The news is out that veteran editor and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bill Marimow is no longer with Philadelphia Inquirer, but, "[a]lthough fired this morning, Philly Inquirer editor Bill Marimow refuses to leave building," tweeted everybody's favorite media blogger Jim Romenesko. "Wow. That was fast," commented freelancer Adrienne LaFrance, and indeed it was--Marimow only just assumed his position in April of last year. 

Elsewhere in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Magazine boasted a scoop on that news, which the Inquirer's Amy Rosenberg found odd: "Dept. of Weirdness: Philly Mag gets exclusive scary internal documents re: Marimow firing," Rosenberg tweeted. "Oh, newspaper," reflected freelancer Kelly Tyrrell.

Meanwhile, "Steve Volk has the goods on one side of the Marimow debacle. Atrocious handling by Hall, Norcross, et al.," opined Patrick Kerkstra with Philly Mag. 

Before speculation could get too out of hand, though, NY Times' Daniel Victor cautioned everyone, "Everything in this Marimow story requires a lot of context so it deserves a truckload of salt, but still fascinating."

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