Fox News is now a spaceship

In other journalistic news, Fox News just debuted an outrageously ultramodern newsroom, complete with what appear to be tablet computers of unusual size. "Either Fox News is hiring very small people-- or they have some very big iPads," Stephen Clark remarked at WXYZ Detroit.

"WANT," concluded GlobalPost's Kyle Kim--although we're not sure if he was referring to the idea of giant iPads or tiny people.

Claire Trageser with KPBS exclaimed, "What the giant tablets..." Then she later tweeted, "you mean soon we'll all be buying giant tablets? Where will I fit mine?!" It's a good question, assuming other newsrooms opt for equally garish set redesigns.

Quoting from the piece, National Journal's Brian Resnick describes another peculiar detail as demonstrated by Fox anchor Shepard Smith: "It's a remote control that allows Smith to shuffle through an image carousel with no apparent journalistic purpose." Sounds useful.

Stuart Hughes with BBC News was inconsolable over these developments, though: "Future of news 'gurus' - are you happy now? Your wet dreams have been realised, & it's awful."

"Yeah well I bet you like Fox News even more now that it's coming from A BIG STUPID SPACESHIP," Spectator Tribune's Melissa Martin pointed out. "Captain Smith, we've been outmaneuvered by Wolf Blitzer," Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski tweeted, picking up this spaceship theme and running with it. "DAMN, REVERSE STARBOARD ENGINES."

We're going to have fun with this all day.

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