What happened in Somalia

"Everyone thinks these operations are easy – they’re not." That was the quote recently tweeted by NBC News, where they snagged the exclusive on what went bad with the SEAL raid in Somalia.

But that quote prompted WNYC's Jody Avirgan to respond in a flash, "Who the hell thinks SEAL raids are easy?!"

Going back to the question of what happened, though: NBC's Kasie Hunt revealed, "US didn't kill or capture Somali terrorist target because he was surrounded by armed fighters -- and by children."

"And then the children came into the pictures on their scopes," MSNBC's Adam Serwer further quoted.

Guardian's Stuart Millar, however, had a different aside: "Interesting - if true ... Huge advantage over drones."

Read that story to learn more about how it all went down, and decide for yourself.

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