Government shutdown: day 9

On this the ninth day of our government’s shutdown, Paul Ryan writes Here's How We Can End This Stalemate in the Wall Street Journal. Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post said, “In op-eds, Cantor & Ryan implore Obama to talk. Interestingly, neither mentions Obamacare.” Heather Long with the Guardian wrote, “Rep. Paul Ryan op-ed on #shutdown in today's @WSJ "The president is giving Congress the silent treatment.” Mark Hamrick with added, “Cong. Paul Ryan's trial balloon aimed at heading off default via WSJ.”

Wisely, Jonathan Weisman points out in the New York Times that Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory. Dana Liebelson from Mother Jones wrote, “.@NYTimes: ‘Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad.’ Dear GOP: Your theory blows.” Reid Wilson at the Washington Post said, “Richard Burr, Bob Corker not sold that Oct. 17 is critical date for raising debt limit.” Miriam Gottfried with the Wall Street Journal tweeted: “Brilliant NYT ‘Rep Ted Yoho...said the largest econ on earth should learn from his large-animal veterinary practice.’” Eleanor Randolph at the New York Times wondered: “And if econ tanks, just blame Obama, right?”

In fact, the AP has a new poll to suggest otherwise or, just the opposite: GOP gets the blame in shutdown. They tweeted: “Republicans get most blame for shutdown, tea party is potent and divisive factor, AP-Gfk survey says.” Rebecca Shabad from The Hill explained, “In a new poll this morning, 62 percent of Americans blame the #GOP for the #shutdown.” Marc Levy with the Associated Press tweeted this quote from the story: “‘Somebody needs to jerk those guys together.’ AP-GfK survey finds more people blame the GOP for #shutdown.” Rebecca Berg with the Washington Examiner pointed out: “Just five percent approval for Congress. Are we down to blood relatives and Hill staffers?” Shawna Thomas at NBC News wondered: “Did the poll specify the US CONGRESS?” Jim Acosta from CNN suggested: “How low can they go?”

Political Wire confirmed the findings in their story: Republicans Get Most Blame for Shutdown. Pamela Kruger at AOL Jobs said, “Number of Americans approving of Congress = 5.” David Jolly at the New York Times thinks they’re “Holding up well, considering.” Azi Paybarah from Capital New York suggested, “Someone please interview this 5%.”

Actually, we might have some idea who this 5 percent consists of after reading about a Cheney Roast where Waterboarding Is A Big Joke, according to BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith. Michael Derby at the Wall Street Journal wrote, “At Cheney roast, things took a bizarre turn: ‘There were some waterboarding jokes that were really tasteless.’” Thomas Mucha from GlobalPost tweeted: “Keep it classy, Washington power elite.” Eddie Scarry with The Blaze admitted, “I REALLY just want to know what the waterboarding jokes were. They probably were funny.” Marco Werman from BBC tried to help: “So this guy walks into a black site... And more dark humor at top-secret #Cheney roast.” Ann Derry at the New York Times only had this to say about the whole situation: “Ugh.”

And just in case there’s a Fed one day soon, Peter Nicholas and Kristina Peterson at the Wall Street Journal remind us that the White House Nears Yellen Nomination as Fed Chief. Neal Mann there said, “Here's the latest @WSJ piece on President Obama picking Janet Yellen as Fed chief.” Colleague Liz Rappaport tweeted: “Was that so hard???” Sam Hall from the Clarion-Ledger said, “I preferred Summers, but Yellen is good. The question is whether she will be caught in a political war.”

Over at the New York Times, Binyamin Appelbaum writes For Yellen, a Focus on Reducing Unemployment. Meet Janet Yellen: My new profile of the Fed's new leader.” Annie Lowrey pointed out, “Amazing that @BCAppelbaum managed to write this overnight.” Jim Tankersley with the Washington Post added, “And with a really cool lede.”

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