Featured journalist: Meghan Barr

Today’s featured journalist is Meghan Barr, a reporter with the Associated Press who covers  New York City and national stories in the northeast. The former Midwestern correspondent writes of her work: “I tell the story of New York for a global audience, writing print stories and shooting and producing video packages for AP Television News.”  That translates into a very extensive portfolio which includes Task Force: Coasts Should Prepare for Rising Seas in Time Magazine, Beach That Burned Through Sandy Sees Little Rebuilt for Huffington Post, and 1 year on, Occupy is in disarray; spirit lives on for Yahoo! Finance. This year alone, Barr has won two Associated Press Media Editors Journalism Excellence Awards for deadline writing and state reporting. To create these award winning stories, she uses nothing more than paper, pen, a tape recorder and Final Cut Pro7 (when necessary) and suggests you: “Pack your bags and go live and work someplace that's foreign to you, whether that's Iowa or Lebanon. Work hard. Don't forget to have fun.” - all of which we agree with 100 percent.

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