Alice Munro, Nobel laureate

Oct 10, 2013

Early this morning, news came out of Sweden that Alice Munro had won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Julie Bosman wrote it up for the New York Times. Michael Paulson there tweeted this quote from the story: "Though winners are traditionally notified by phone...the Swedish Academy was unable to locate Ms. Munro.” Alice Munro Office tweeted simply, “Thanks all people.” Alex Howard called it, “Succinct gratitude for the Nobel Prize.” Jennifer Lee wrote, “Alice Munro is 13th woman to win Nobel Prize for literature. Deciding if that is surprisingly high or low.”

Just for good measure, here’s the Wall Street Journal’s account of Alice Munro’s win, where John Stoll said, “Nobel hands lit prize to the familiar and beloved Alice Munro. Big win for #Canada & the short story.” Colleague John Crowley added, “Nobel Foundation leaves message on Alice Munro's phone to tell her she's won Nobel Prize for literature.” Charles Forelle also at WSJ exclaimed, “OK, not an American. But close!”

Here’s the tweet that announced the Canadian writer’s win from @Nobelprize_org.

From the Washington Post, Max Fisher put it another way: Dissident writer Alice Munro awarded Nobel for fiction critical of Canadian regime. He also explained, “This is how we'd write about Alice Munro's Nobel Prize if she were from just about any non-Western country.” Paul Vieira there tweeted simply: “SATIRE.” Doug Saunders from Globe and Mail added this bit from the piece: “We should urge the UN to allow her to travel.”

The Guardian has an appreciation of Alice Munro by Margaret Atwood. Atwood herself tweeted, “Here is my intro to Munro's Collected.” Scott Heller at the New York Times tweeted this quote: "Honesty, in Munro's work, is not the best policy: it is not a policy at all, but an essential element, like air.” Lisa Allardice at the Guardian added yet another bit of the excerpt: “'Among writers, her name is spoken in hushed tones.”

While the Nobel Prize committee tries to track down Munro, you can watch a YouTube video of Doris Lessing hearing news of her Nobel Prize. Hadley Freeman at the Guardian found it and said, “Re Alice Munroe not answering her phone, let's remind ourselves how Doris Lessing reacted to her win. LOVE x 100000.” Freelancer Helen Walters believes “Nobel Prize for best response on winning Nobel Prize still goes to Doris Lessing.” Tory Starr from Public Radio International admitted, “This is what Staffan Normark has to deal with.” Jody Avirgan at WNYC called the entire thing “Fantastic.”

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