Government shutdown: day 10

BuzzFeed has identified the official unofficial photo of this entire mess. And be warned, it will break your heart.

Fittingly, a new website suggests that we all Drunk Dial Congress by writing: “Mad at Congress about the Shutdown? Have a drink and tell them.” Benjy Sarlin at MSNBC wrote, “Healthcare exchange may be buggy, but new website for drunk dialing Congress seems to work.” Corbin Hiar at SNL Energy thinks “These talking points would probably seem really solid after a few drinks.” Garance Franke-Ruta at the The Atlantic remembered “I love the Internet.” Freelancer Meena Thiruvengadam called it “awesome.” And Brianna Keilar at CNN had the only appropriate response:  “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.”

Perhaps to make us feel slightly better about our government’s incompetence, Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even started. You can thank Max Fisher at the Washington Post for that story.  Walt Kane from News 12 New Jersey tweeted, “Angry wi/ the govt shutdown? Be glad we're not in Azerbaijan.” Ben Solomon at the New York Times explained: “In Azerbaijan, an app made to ‘track’ the presidential election accidentally releases the pre-determined results.” Jeffrey Goldberg called them “A government that really works efficiently.” Kira Goldenberg from the Columbia Journalism Review reacted with a “LOL/sob.” Pierre Briançon at Reuters said, “Those guys have a knack for spoilers.” John Dickerson with CBS News pointed out, “This is the way to run an election.”

Over in Lybia, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was 'taken by armed men' yesterday. BBC Breaking tweeted, “Revolutionary group believed to have captured #Libya's PM Ali Zeidan release his photo.” He was returned shortly. Freelancer Erin Cunningham wrote, “Libyan PM Ali Zeidan seized by armed men in Tripoli.” Kevin Maguire from the Daily Mirror said, “West's military intervention in Libya another great success: PM seized in Tripoli by armed gang.” Kristina Wong with the Washington Times exclaimed, “WHAT?! Eek.”

Back in our neck of the woods, Peter Baker at the New York Times has the story on The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage. Ari Shapiro at NPR said, “The press got the Bush-Cheney dynamic wrong, argues @peterbakernyt. What'll we learn in 2021 we got wrong abt Obama?” Ray Long from the Chicago Tribune tweeted: “@derekwillis: That sound you hear is whoever remains working in political DC stopping to read this.” Michael Grunwald at Time Magazine added, “Amazing excerpts from @peterbakernyt's Bush-Cheney book. Featuring Cheney in a Darth Vader mask.”

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