Media ch-ch-changes

The Nieman Lab very thoughtfully put together a list of The 3 Key Types of BuzzFeed Lists To Learn Before You Die. Joshua Benton there wrote, “The listicle vs. the definitive list vs. the framework list: It’s basically Carolus Linnaeus for cat pics.” Freelancer David DeFranza wrote, “Listicle science: 'I mean, The Odyssey is 24 chapters. You could call that 24 Chapters About Odysseus.'” Ivan Lajara from the The Daily Freeman pointed out, “'Listflation' is a thing.” Kyle Kim at the GlobalPost added, “I didn't know lists could be so classist.” Taylor Lorenz from the Daily Mail tweeted this quote from the story: “The megalist phase of 2010 was an interesting experiment, but one that has mercifully gone by the wayside.”

Proving their own point, BuzzFeed created The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm and started it with “Let's go on a tour of the anger factory.” Alice-Azania Jarvis at the Daily Mail tweeted: “This, by @flashboy , is brilliant.” Shane Dingman from the Globe and Mail said, “Best part of this Twitterstorm piece is poor @Pricehound, a birdwatcher/writer who gets mistaken for @PricehoundUK.” Jane Elizabeth added, “In which the intern gets suspended.” Daniel Victor with the New York Times said, “This ‘29 stages of a Twitterstorm’ is great. Should also mention this all happens in the space of two hours.” Jem Aswad at Spin Magazine explained, “In case anyone on the Q train wondered why i was laughing so hard.” Jon Dennis at the Guardian admitted it’s the “2nd time today I have been distracted by BuzzFeed. *returns to work*” The BBC’s Mario Cacciottolo lauded: “I’ve long thought of @flashboy as a clever chap. Now, after the Pricehound-ing, I think he’s a genius. A must read.”

Moving away from the Internet (only for a second, everybody calm down), you’ll definitely want to spend some time with this report on How Americans Get TV News at Home. Pew Research tweeted: “There are fewer viewers of cable TV news than local or network TV news, but they spend more time watching.” Elana Zak at the Wall Street Journal explained, “34% of MSNBC watchers also tune into Fox News. 28% of the Fox News audience watches MSNBC.” Lou Dubois from NBC News tweeted this quote from the report: "34% of Millennials watch mostly online video or no broadcast television." Brian Stelter at the New York Times had another quote to share: "There is no news junkie like a cable junkie. The most dedicated cable news viewers average 72 min" at home each day.”

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