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In another bit of investigative reporting from The New York Times, Michael Powell reports on the The Quashing of a Case Against a Christie Ally. Sarah Nir there said: “TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN THIS @powellnyt MASTERWORK.” Colleague David Chen tweeted this quote from the story: "The case felt like a no-brainer until the state killed it." Nick Baumann from Mother Jones wrote, “Some really damaging stories on Christie out over past month. First this. Now this.” Tracy Weber at ProPublica called it an “Excellent story by @powellnyt: Did Chris Christie help boot a case vs. allegedly corrupt sheriff.” Andrea Bernstein from WNYC pointed out this is “A recurring question about @chrischristie ‘In NJ, who watches the watchman?’” Jake Grovum from Stateline called it, “The incredible disappearing New Jersey indictment.” Jennifer Merritt at the BBC urged “You have to read this.” Matt Berman from the National Journal admitted: “Totally misread this as ‘The Quashing of a Case Against Kirstie Alley.’”

In other news that will make you stop and think, there’s this great headline from The Toronto Star: I got hired at a Bangladesh sweatshop. Meet my 9-year-old boss. Jennifer Hough there said, “Powerful reporting in today's Star.” Colleague Julian Sher explained, “Good timing: just as #cbcfifth launches its Bangladesh investigation tonight, read @torontostar expose on sweatshops.” Danielle Ivory from Bloomberg News explained, “@RaveenaAulakh goes undercover to work in a Bangladesh clothes factory. Her boss, Meem, is 9 years old.” Ann Hui with the Globe and Mail tweeted this bit from the story: “'It was back-breaking, it was finger-numbing.”

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