Government shutdown: day 14 (yes, still)

We’re now two weeks into this mess and John Glover from Bloomberg News writes that the U.S. Risks Joining 1933 Germany in Pantheon of Deadbeat Defaults. Glover tweeted, “Apparently I'm a rabid commie, perpetuating myths, an idiot…” likely referring to the online comments to his story. Yalman Onaran there wrote, “Is U.S. going to join ‘deadbeat nations’ and default? Nice history of sovereign defaults and havoc they caused.” Colleague Alex Cuadros said, “Nice historical look at the ‘pantheon of defaults’ that the U.S. may join -- things usually didn't go too well.” Sudeep Reddy from the Wall Street Journal added, “News organization trolls Congress: ‘Don't be a Nazi. Raise the debt ceiling.’”

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