Media Monday

In media news today, the New York Times writes about Turning the Page on The International Herald Tribune. Michael Luo there wrote, “Just 50 comments but almost all bemoaning decision to rename IHT in this NYT look back.” Danielle Ivory from Bloomberg News called it a “Wonderful archival photos of the International Herald Tribune (and people reading it).” Lionel Barber at the Financial Times added, “#IHT RIP but thanks for the wonderful memories.”

In David Carr’s weekly column, he tells us of a Philadelphia Newspaper’s Owners are at War. Steve Volk at Philadelphia Magazine called the story a “Sharp take on newspaper dispute from @carr2n cutting through the noise.” Dan McQuade there tweeted this quote from the story: “I have worked my tail off to grow the enterprise and the only thing that he cares about is his girlfriend.” Felix Gillette at Bloomberg Businessweek had his own: "So now it has come to this: Rich guys warring over an asset that shrinks every day.”

On Tumblr, Longreads announced a member drive by asking Help Us Reach 5,000 Members. Mark Armstrong tweeted: “Hi everybody. I created @Longreads four years ago. Now we need your help.” David Lidsky at Fast Company said, “I'm a #longreads member. It's simply the best discovery tool I use to find great stories to read. Support it!” Jason Fagone at Wired tweeted, “Longreads member drive. Good people. A steal at $30.” Tommy Tomlinson thinks it’s “Worth it. Join up.” Anjali Mullany at Fast Company said, “Member # interesting. Curious where it goes next.” Ryan Beckwith from Thunderdome wrote, “Not bailing you out of jail again.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Farhad Manjoo tackles BuzzFeed's Brazen, Nutty, Growth Plan. Stephen Wisnefski there wrote, “BuzzFeed's crowdsourced translation plan to expand its global footprint.” Gary Nielson at the Charlotte Observer explained: “Its traffic tripled over the past year, hitting 85 million visitors in Aug.” Sean Silcoff from the Globe and Mail called it a “Novel approach to translation fuels growth plan of 1 of web's guilty pleasures.” Kelly Oakes at BuzzFeed tweeted: “I know I work for BuzzFeed, but translating posts using @DuoLingo is a brilliant idea.”

Over at the Independent, a headline that’s sure to get some chatter going in the newsroom today: Edward Snowden’s secrets may be dangerous. I would not have published them. Freelancer John McQuaid tweeted: “‘If MI5 warns that this is not in the public interest who am I to disbelieve them?’ That's kind of your job, dude.” Bobbie Johnson called it “Doublethink! Chris Blackhurst claims Snowden leaks said nothing we didn't know, but publishing them damaged security.” David Leigh from the Guardian chimed in to say: “The 'Independent obeyed a D notice not to publish Snowden secrets.’” Glenn Greenwald there, and at the center of all this, said, “The sub-headline from this ex-editor is like parody - or what should be on the tombstone of establishment journalist.” Colleague Paul Lewis tweeted: “Just read the stunning @c_blackhurst comment piece on Snowden. I initially thought it was a spoof.” Freelancer James Robinson added this quote from the piece: "Since when...have [The Guardian editor] Alan Rusbridger and his colleagues been experts on national security?"

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