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You can read Biology Online’s apology to DNLee right here. Freelancer John McQuaid said, “Biology Online apologies to @DNLee5, fires employee who sent her the offensive email. @sciam, back to you.” Janet Stemwedel from Scientific American wrote, “Even biology-online's apology to @DNLee5 gets me closer to bingo: ‘and anyone else who may have been offended.’” Alex Wild there said, “Biology Online's apology is far more sincere than Scientific American's. What a shame. #standingwithDNLee.” Freelancer Carl Zimmer had the takeaway: “Call a scientist who won't blog for you for free a whore, get fired.”

And in other science news, another Nobel prize went out today, this time for Economic Sciences. It went to Eugene F.Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller.


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