Round-up of the ridiculous

And because you know how fond we are of ending on a high note, here's how the media would have covered Columbus. Keeping in the same vein as the article's voice, Aaron Edwards with Breaking News tweeted, "I have enjoyed and consumed this relevant content from @NYMag and am choosing to share it on this social platform." Journalist Glynnis MacNicol seemed to favor the parody of a Buzzfeed headline: "7 Sea Dragons Who Are Sad They Didn't Eat Christopher Columbus."

As for the worst of the worst, from the creators of Rebecca Black's Friday comes something that makes that music video look like a Grammy award-winner. It's a song featuring middle-school age Alison Gold, and it's an ode to--wait for it--Chinese food. Not only is the song an earsore, but its brimming with racially offensive material.

We miss you, Rebecca. It wasn't so bad when you asked which seat you should take.

"There's like a billion things wrong w/this Chinese food song…and there's a damn panda in it?" TheNextWeb's Ken Yeung asked, incredulously.

"How can I un-hear YouTube's latest earworm?" begged Jen Dudley-Nicholson with The Courier-Mail. "Solution required urgently, can be violent." 

Others were just in complete shock: "Holy mother of god. How the f*** did this happen?!" asked Kenneth Li at Reuters.

Your guess is as good as ours.

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