Government shutdown: it’s over

Oct 17, 2013

We didn’t think it would for a minute (or two weeks) but then the shutdown really did end. The Washington Post was writing live updates of the shutdown resolution, which you can find right here. Aaron Blake there announced, “Obama signs bill ending shutdown, extending debt limit.” Claudia Peschiutta with CBS Los Angeles said what we were all thinking: “Our national nightmare is over.”

The New York Times’ Jonathan Weisman reported that Senators Press Deal to End Debt Impasse. Alan Cowell there said, “phew!” Freelancer Grace Bello wrote, “Republicans Back Down, Ending Crisis Over Shutdown and Debt Limit.” Mick Sussman also at the Times added this ominous quote from the piece: "’See, we're going to start this all over again.’ Rep. Fleming is ready for ‘Round 2.’”

During that time, Politico explained: House mulls voting 1st on Senate plan. They also tweeted: “McConnell, Reid worked OT to hammer out agreement.” Sherman Frederick from the Las Vegas Review-Journal replied with, “Give them credit.” Henry Powderly with kept it in perspective, “Awesome news for all, especially furloughed workers.”

There’s a sound clip making the rounds this morning with the description: “House floor reporter is rushed off the floor during Wednesday night's votes on a bill reopening the government and raising the debt ceiling. Door keepers and guards escort her into an elevator off the House floor.” Matthew Petrillo at Free Speech Radio News tweeted this quote from the woman: “This is not 1 nation under God. It never was.” Jillian Sederholm explained: “Here's audio of lady going into a weird Freemasons vs. God tirade on the House floor after vote.”

For more on the story, check out the footage from the C-SPAN Video Library that explains: “During House vote a stenographer, seated in House well, goes to microphone on dais, yells, and is removed from the floor.” Eamon Javers at CNBC admitted, “NEVER seen this before. During House vote, stenographer went to mic + started shouting, was removed: (hard to hear).” Adam Minter at Bloomberg News said, “Full vid of house stenographer just creepy. She was having normal conversation w/colleagues, then went for the mic.” David Weiner with Digg called it, “Stenographer soy bombs Congress.”

If the Tea Party hasn’t been through enough in the last 16 days, Bloomberg BusinessWeek tweeted this image with the note: “A mad Tea-Party indeed. Here's how the Tea Party secretly won by making crazy the new normal.” Katy Watson at BBC wrote, “Interesting piece by @BW on how the Tea Party has made crazy the new normal.” McKay Coppins with BuzzFeed announced, “BusinessWeek's new cover is quite something.” Philip Bump at The Atlantic Wire called it, “Spectacular.” Niraj Chokshi at the Washington Post added, “I gush almost weekly, but their covers are amazing.”

In reporting on the reporting of the shutdown, Daily Intelligencer asks Where Did Robert Costa Come From? Andy Kroll at Mother Jones wrote, “All the plaudits @robertcostaNRO is getting for his shutdown work, he deserves. The guy reported the hell out of it.” Kyle Smith from the New York Post said, “National Review inexplicably referred to 5 times as ‘the National Review’ by the New York magazine.” McKay Coppins at BuzzFeed shared, “One key to @robertcostaNRO's success: ‘From Day One, I've never written a column or an editorial.’”

To prove that the whole thing really is over (for now), Doug Mills at the New York Times posted a photo of park Ranger Richard Trott cutting down the ‘Closed’ signs outside the Lincoln Memorial. He added, “It's open!!”

Even NASA got in on the celebrating, tweeting this photo with the note: “We're back, Earth! #WelcomeBackNASA.” J duLac at the Washington Post wondered, “Can you spot Tortilla Coast?” Kim Segal at CNN rejoiced: “GOV OPEN.” Colleague Saeed Ahmed had other priorities: “Yay! Let's science it up!”

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