MasterCard prevents false news about data breach [video interview]

In an age of quick fact checking and little repercussions, brands and their media teams are often helpless at combatting false news. MasterCard prevented this when they found out about some incorrect reporting at the speed of light. A Muck Rack Alert that arrived at 8:30am tipped off the communications team to a story being published about a major data breach. In the story, it appeared that MasterCard was involved in the breach, when in fact, they weren't at all. After the alert arrived, Marcy Cohen, Vice-President and Senior Business Leader at MasterCard, identified the journalist who was responsible for the story, contacted the publication, suggested a quick fact check and was ultimately able to have the MasterCard mentions removed from the article altogether. Learn more about how Cohen and her team have been using Muck Rack to save the day and engage with journalists in our latest video.

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