Media and the NSA

Elsewhere at the New York Times, public editor Margaret Sullivan speaks of a Times Reporter Planning to Take Fight to the Supreme Court. She always tweeted: “ For NYT reporter Risen, fighting to protect his source, a vow to go to jail if necessary.” Manya Brachear at the Chicago Tribune said, “@nytimes reporter protects source, will go to jail if needed, hoping #SCOTUS takes case.” Richard Hall from the Independent explained: “Journalist James Risen takes a principled stand and says he is willing to go to jail to protect his source.”

In other big media news, Pressthink explains Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news. Kevin Sablan with the Orange County Register called it, “Why eBay founder Omidyar is partnering w/Greenwald to create a news org … with the $250M he would've used to buy WaPo.” Clive Davis from The Times wondered if this is “A new kind of online journalism? @pierre Omidyar gives his 1st interview about his $250M project.” Brian Fitzgerald at the Wall Street Journal added, “The news venture from Greenwald and eBay cofounder will revolve around journalist franchises. Big voices.”

Looking at the department that we can’t know enough about, Greg Miller at the Wall Street Journal is back on the NSA beat with Documents reveal NSA’s extensive involvement in targeted killing program. Ron Fournier at the National Journal tweeted: “Latest from @bartongellman reveals #NSA role in by-drone assassination.” Richard Hall at the Independent figured, “This must be what @ggreenwald was alluding to when he said NSA surveillance played a role in American wars.” Freelancer David Lepeska called it, “How NSA spying informs the drone program.”

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