Fun things

And for something to start your weekend, Mental Floss has an exclusive interview with Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. Shaminder Dulai at Newsweek Global wrote, “‘Repetition is the death of magic.’ Bill Watterson gives a rare interview!” Joel Pavelski at the New York Post declared, “I love you Bill Watterson.” Freelancer Shannon McFarland added, “*GASP* Bill Watterson give an interview to Mental Floss! Gosh, I love Calvin and Hobbes.”

And in case you plan on doing any drinking this weekend (not us, not ever), you might want to learn the names of these hangover specialists hotels have begun hiring for their guests. Thanks to Catey Hill at Marketwatch for that fascinating piece of news. Hill tweeted: “Hungover? This hotel concierge can make that headache better. (Hint: Cure Royale).” Janet Paskin at Bloomberg Businessweek wrote, “The new concierges specialize in: Hangovers, running, romance, soap. Trust @CateyHill to get to the bottom of it.” John Craven with said simply, “Interesting…”

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