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Oct 21, 2013

There’s a whole heck of a lot going on today so let’s dive in:

David Carr at the New York Times has An Interview With Pierre Omidyar, the eBay founder-turned philanthropist. Greg Emerson Bocquet at Newsday said, “.@carr2n talks w Pierre Omidyar abt his admittedly light-on-detail $250M plan for a new kind of news site.” Rand Getlin at Yahoo! News wrote, “.@pierre aims to build a news organization that encourages investigative journalists to express their opinions.” Michael Luo from the New York Times added, “Sad bit from @carr2n interview w/ @pierre: ‘The audience for the most important stories can be depressingly small.’”

There’s even more from Carr in his weekly column, focusing on Tech Wealth and Ideas Heading Into News. Wojtek Gwiazda at Radio Canada International tweeted this quote from the story: "...quality news has become, if not sexy, suddenly attractive to smart digital money." Ellen Weiss added another Carr quote: "For all their differences, the news and technology businesses share a kind of utopianism.”

Proving Carr’s column correct, Marissa Mayer took to new purchase Tumblr to announce her latest acquisition: Everyone’s Favorite Gadget Geek, David Pogue, to Join Yahoo, she wrote. Chris O'Brien from the LA Times said of the news, “Wow, just crazy.” Brandon Bailey with the San Jose Mercury News called it an “Interesting move!” Tim Stevens at CNET explained, “For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's @Pogue going to Yahoo. Would you like to know more?” Christopher Mims at Quartz wondered, “David Pogue is going to Yahoo. Now who will the NYTimes hire to compete with@fmanjoo at WSJ.”

Pogue then followed his new boss’s lead and posted A Note From Pogue to his own Tumblr page. It begins: “Yes, it’s true: After 13 years, I’m leaving the NY Times to start a new tech site (and much more) at Yahoo.” Carla Zanoni with DNAinfo thinks it’s an “Amazing win.” Jason Perlow with ZDNet tweeted, “David @Pogue has left the NYT. End of an era!” Matt Buchanan at The New Yorker added, “Gadgets as we knew them are dead so it was clearly time to execute the gadget columnists.”

Mashable opened the day with this headline: Facebook Currently Doesn't Allow Status Updates from Stan Schroeder. Perhaps the social site was mourning Pogue’s move? Megan Hess at Mashable announced, “In case you're just getting into work: FB has a case of the Mondays.” Colleague Samantha Murphy explained, “Facebook Suffers Sitewide Errors for Many Users.” Laura Alix at Banker & Tradesman relied on French to express her feelings: “Quelle dommage!!”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal provided some reassurance on the Facebook glitch with The Facebook ‘Status Update’ Problem Isn’t Just You. Shira Ovide there said, “Facebook status updates are broken! How will we know we're still alive?” Colleague Liz Moyer had a solution, “I tweet, therefore I am.”

Elsewhere in tech talk, Olga Khazan at The Atlantic has an answer to the question Should Journalism Schools Require Reporters to 'Learn Code'? Claire Miller at Trinity Mirror Regionals wrote, “...well, probably not all of them, but new skills are useful.” Kevin Sablan with the Orange County Register tweeted this quote from the story: "If you want to be a reporter, learning code will not help."

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