Featured journalist: Shamus McGillicuddy

It was about a month ago that we featured Shamus McGillicuddy's publication TechTarget, so we figured it was time to highlight this director of news and features by himself! And with a name like his, how could we really resist?

But of course Shamus is so much more than just his mellifluous monniker. He manages the news team for TechTarget's Networking Media group while writing news for SearchNetworking.com and SearchSDN.com. Before his first job as a town reporter at the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, MA, Shamus also became one of the few and the proud who can say he learned to type on an electric typewriter in high school. Now a seasoned tech journalist, his portfolio boasts such relevant headlines as "The data center switch industry does not have a leader" and "Big Switch abandons OpenDaylight after controller spat with Cisco." 

His favorite social media network is Twitter, and his bio there comes with this warning: "I speak only for myself, not employer, so watch out for snark." As for his advice to fellow journos, it's simply this: "Love to learn. Love to tell stories."

You really can't go wrong in news living by that.

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