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Oct 22, 2013

Today's top story featuring media is breaking news that the venerated Associated Press has fired its third employee over the retracted story on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and that has News Media Guild "alarmed."

Given the current job economy in journalism, reactions from newsies on Twitter were understandably almost universally negative (and monosyllabic):

Second from the top comes this declaration from Washington Post's Richard Cohen apologizing for calling Edward Snowden a traitor.

"Brave of Wash Post columnist Richard Cohen to admit he was wrong to denounce Ed Snowden," was the nod from Ewen Macaskill at The Guardian.

National Journal's Ron Fournier was impressed, too: "In remarkable column, Richard Cohen reverses on #Snowden. Disloyal, maybe to Gov't, not 'to American values.'"

Journalist Daniel Froomkin, however, was not: "Last words of Richard Cohen's almost admirable column should have been 'which is why this is my last column ever.'"

In the realm of social media, we find out from Daily Beast's Brian Ries that people are using Instagram to sell their guns.

"Alongside pictures of cats and endless numbers of selfies," noted the Independent's Rob Hastings.

Lest you think it's all bad news in news, though, here's what happens when a dog named Cola becomes president of WNYC.

But, wait. There's actually a downside even to that. "As cute as it would be, a vision of what WNYC would be like without your support," tweeted Brian Lehrer there.

At least it spawned a spate of adorable puns from his colleagues:

  • "Paw-er to public radio!" - producer Richard Yeh.
  • "Paw hell breaks loose." - business news producer Daniel P. Tucker.
  • "Oh no! @WNYC is going to the dogs." - reporter Kate Hinds.
  • "Gives new meaning to the term newshound!" - Vice President of News Jim Schachter.

So if you love New York public radio, show your support.

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