Round-up of the Ridiculous

Let's start this week's round-up with a bang: a would-be groom is in jail after making a hoax bomb threat to his own wedding venue. His reason? Not cold feet--he'd simply forgotten to book the venue.

"If you forget to book yr wedding venue, best not make fake bomb threat to mask your ineptitude, eh?" queried The Guardian's Helen Pidd.

"Or you could reschedule," John Russell helpfully suggested at the Indianapolis Star.

Next up, Sarah Lyall at the New York Times has the story on Tim Burke, whom she reports is "known among sports journalists for his ability to capture the moment — whether as a still, a video clip or in his favored format, a GIF — better, faster, more frequently and from more sports events than just about anyone."

"Multitasking GIF Maestro @bubbaprog monitors 10 screens simultaneously!" Buzzfeed's Simon Crerar tweeted in disbelief.

"He makes sure his 3 Mason jars are filled with water so he will not have to leave the room on the account of thirst," Bloomberg's Danielle Ivory shared from the story.

"This is like a tech worker in a dystopian society," Rubina Fillion observed at the Wall Street Journal.

"Nope. Do not want his life," WaPo's Jessica Stahl concluded.

And finally, the long-awaited experiment to answer an ancient question: What happens when a woman wears Axe Body Spray for a week? 

"Including to a funeral," added Globe and Mail's Lisan Jutras.

"This thing where @Dahlialithwick wears Axe for a week is amazing. Should be a reality series probably," Gawker's Adrian Chen decided.


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