Around the White House

In other firing news, the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin has the exclusive that a White House Official was Fired for Tweeting Under a Fake Name. Andrea Peterson at the Washington Post said, “Whoa on the Natsecwonk revelation. Wonder what sort of opsec was he using.” Freelancer Joshua Holland said, “All the Very Serious People are tut-tutting about #NatSecWonk, but I think his trolling is kind of awesome.” Dan Gillmor with the Guardian summed it up: “White House staffer fired for leaks. His distribution method? Twitter.”

The New York Times explores Obama’s Uncertain Path Amid Syria Bloodshed. Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post tweeted from the story: “In private conversations with aides, Obama described Syria as one of those hellish problems every president faces.” Cassandra Vinograd from the Associated Press had one more quote to share: "We spent so much damn time navel gazing, and that’s the tragedy of it.” Peter Hart at CounterSpin pointed out: “During Syria debates, Obama was fiddling w/his BlackBerry ‘or slouching and chewing gum.’ Talk radio fodder for sure.”

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