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Oct 23, 2013

Today, the New York Times writes that Struggling Newspapers Sell Off Old Headquarters. Mark Holan at the Tampa Bay Business Journal wrote, “Big city dailies sell off and rent space in once symbolic downtown HQ buildings.” Freelancer Shannon McFarland wrote, “Other news in the vein of ‘struggling newspapers.’” Felix Gillette at Bloomberg Businessweek tweeted this very sad quote from the story: "The physical plant in which the paper is produced is likely to have a far greater value than the paper itself."

Further proving that media just isn’t the same anymore, Erik Maza from Women’s Wear Daily bring us news that Condé Nast is Discontinuing its Internship Program. Maura Kutner tweeted: “SAD FACE.” Brian Knox at NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth explained, “Conde Nast will stop its internship program next year after losing lawsuits involving unpaid interns.” Sophie Gilbert from the Washingtonian Magazine wondered: “No more Conde Nast interns? Who will get the coffee?” It’s a fair question.

AdAge tells us that Twitter Partnered With BBC News. David Teicher there wrote, “BBC Global News Partners with Twitter, Starts Series of Original In-Tweet Video Reports.” Brian Stelter at the New York Times said, “This is cool: the BBC's going to produce original ‘in-tweet’ video reports for its @BBCWorld Twitter account. w/ ads.” Jason Hiner from TechRepublic added, “BBC Global News to produce short video clips specifically to post on Twitter.”

In other media news, the Washington Post looks into an AP reporter’s mistake and asks Did the punishment fit the crime? David Gilbert at the International Business Times said, “Wow, AP reporter with 28-year unblemished record gets fired, along with two of his editors over single mistake.” Andrew Bossone with Circa tweeted from the story: “If everyone who made a mistake was fired for it, we’d have empty newsrooms.” Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post explained, “Several journalists, including at AP, say Cuccinelli camp pushed erroneous McAuliffe story to AP.” Andrew Beaujon with Poynter Online wrote, “Muphry's law is ironclad: @farhip's story about reporting mistakes sports a correction.”

To wrap up today’s media news, here’s another submission to the ‘best newspaper corrections’ Tumblr page we really hope someone starts one of these days. This time, from the Washington Post. Emma Brown there spotted it and tweeted: “Best Wash Post correction ever? Yes.” Lisa Gartner with the Tampa Bay Times pointed out: “Thickset.” Brendan Nyhan came to a fitting conclusion: “I'm demanding corrections to all pieces that don't describe me as devastatingly good-looking.” Jen Smith at the Lexington Herald-Leader asked, “How does one determine the accuracy of this?” Josh Greenman from the New York Daily News took it one step further; “Guantanamo should have been described as a ‘rough-hewn resort.’” Matthew Klein with Bloomberg News added, “I would love to hear the conversation that led to this correction.”

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