In the off chance you weren’t glued to the television screen yesterday for the blessed Royal Christening, Benedict Brogan did us all the favor of capturing a photo of the Independent’s coverage and wrote: “Just like the old days, this. The Independent's royal christening coverage in full: nib at bottom of p27.” Joe Watts at the London Evening Standard wrote, “The Indy goes to town on its Baby George coverage.”

Also in England, Russell Brand is speaking again, this time to the New Statesman, about revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition.” Phil Miller from Herald Scotland said, “Russell Brand's pretty interesting New Statesman piece has nice quote from Billy Connolly within.” Sam Paker for BuzzFeed shared this quote: “‘We can’t be led by people who have never struggled.’ Russell Brand - meandering, overblown, right as ever.” Julia Baird tweeted: “How I love @rustyrockets. This piece he wrote on revolution for the New Statesman he guest-edited is brilliant.”

For more Rusty Rockets (aka Brand), check out full interview he did with Jeremy Paxman for Newsnight. There’s plenty of voting, revolution and beard talk included so it’s sure to be fun. Alexandra Gekas with Sirius XM said, “He meditates AND he sticks it to the man. Russell Brand @rustyrockets may just be my new celebrity boo.” Freelancer Helen Walters wrote: “‘Why be complicit in this ridiculous illusion?’ @rustyrockets for president of the world.” Chris Kimball from Australian Broadcasting Corporation News agreed: “This is superb. I'd vote for Russell.” Neal Mann at the Wall Street Journal suggested: “If you haven't seen it, Russell Brand being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight is well worth watching.”

Perhaps if he does run, Brand can do something about The Incredible Shrinking Plane Seat, which the Wall Street Journal’s Jon Ostrower describes in detail. Sarah Needleman there consoled, “Feeling squeezed in coach class? It's not just you. Plane seats are shrinking.” George Anders from Forbes wrote,”Say hello to the 16.7-inch airplane seat. @WSJ creates funny and horrifying art to show what this means.” Megan Workman with Recycling Today Magazine added, “It's already pretty tight but #airline seats are getting smaller? Multiple airlines wedging an extra seat in each row.”

And for a story that’s sure to get everyone’s eyes rolling (especially Brand’s), read Thanks to the “mancession”, metrosexuals have become “manfluencers™”. That’s at least what Christopher Mims tells us at Quartz. Mims added, “Brogurt - you're gonna want to eat it.” Heidi Moore at the Guardian thinks the story is “Mantastic.” David Teicher with Advertising Age doesn’t: “I like @qz but this headline is too much.” Drew Harwell at the Tampa Bay Times saw the future: “The year is 2015. All foodstuffs are hyper-gendered. A manfluencer palm-slams protein-plus brogurt into maw.”

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