Oct 24, 2013

Also at the Times, Ashley Parker writes about a A Wife Committed to Cruz’s Ideals, but a Study in Contrasts to Him. Gal Beckerman with Jewish Daily Forward wrote, “Wait. Ted Cruz is on his wife's health insurance plan? And she works at Goldman Sachs?! Seriously?” Rob Cox at Reuters said, “If she's the brains behind the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ debacle, I like her.” Jordan Zakarin at BuzzFeed added, “Ted Cruz got $65k from Goldman employees… and has a $20k gold-plated health insurance plan on the company's dime.”

From the Washington Post, read Top Pakistani leaders secretly backed CIA drone campaign, secret documents show by Greg Miller. Kevin Merida there said, “More than you previously knew about the drone program. Secret documents detail 65 strikes in Pakistan.” Colleague Dan Zak pointed out, “Woodward byline. Drone operation code words sound like Virginia cul-de-sacs. ‘Sylvan Magnolia.’ ‘Arbor-Hawthorn.’” Gwen Flanders at USA Today tweeted: “Secret memos reveal explicit nature of U.S. #Pakistan agreement on #drones.” Freelancer Christopher Allbritton added, “Glad to see @washingtonpost confirming Pak co-op in drone campaign. Here’s my story from 2012.”

Elsewhere in the capital, David Nakamura at the Washington Post writes: Stung by a Twitter renegade, group in Obama administration launched sting of its own. Noah Shachtman from Foreign Policy Magazine tweeted: “Jeez louise. @natsecwonk was caught in a sting operation.” Brett LoGiurato at Business Insider said, “This is very ‘Departed.’”

If all that wasn’t trouble enough, Katie Thomas at the New York Times also shares that Health Law Fails to Keep Prices Low in Rural Areas and tweeted: “My story w/Reed Abelson and @mcjomcg on why the federal marketplaces attracted few insurers in rural areas.” Alex Wayne from Bloomberg News said, “Good @NYT story but couldn't alternative headline been like, "#Obamacare Competition Cuts Prices in Most of Country?” Ryan Beckwith at Thunderdome called it “Red Obamacare, blue Obamacare.”

Taking it one step further, Bloomberg’s Shannon Pettypiece tells a Tale of Two Obamacares as Some States Bypass U.S. Site. Mike Dorning there said, “A Tale of Two Obamacares: State-run websites bypass U.S. flaws. Easy use in NY & Kent.; Tex. glitches.” Colleague Steve Matthews explained, “States that built their own health-care exchanges escape the #Obamacare Website debacle.”

Over in Baltimore, Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler says breaking up teen party was not his job. Rick Klein at ABC News said, this is “maybe one of the best political photos of all time. Or the worst.” He then added: “Just 1 more quote - promise: ‘I don't remember much, but it was one of the best parties I've been to, hands down...’” Ron Fournier at National Journal asked: “Would you trust this man with your teen? With your state?”

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