Oct 25, 2013

In other parts of the world, Mari Saito writes a Special Report for Reuters: Help wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks and gangsters. Corrine Perkins there explained: “‘Workers interviewed by @Reuters said wages could be as low as around $6 an hour.’ Shocking Fukushima @specialreports.” Danielle Ivory at Bloomberg News said, “Fukushima cleanup relies on inexperienced subcontractors w/ little oversight & ties to organized crime.” Natasha Zouves with 10 News San Diego wrote, “Report- #Fukushima workers complain: put in areas so high in radiation, their suits are eaten away within an hour.” Jim Roberts said, “Jaw-dropping details of inexperience & safety risks emerge from @reuters interviews with 80 workers at #Fukushima.”

In England, BuzzFeeds clears up that No, Greater Manchester Police Haven't Seized "The UK's First 3D-Printed Gun." Patrick Smith there said, “Broadcasters and online news sites still running with '3D gun printed'. Yeah, maybe read this.” Adam Pasick at Quartz explained, “The ‘3D printed gun’ seized by UK police actually seems to be ‘3D printed parts for a 3D printer.’” Dominic Casciani with BBC added, “Hmm. Very interesting story on Buzzfeed It says the ‘3D Printer gun parts’ are the same as ordinary printer parts….”

To help plan your next weekend getaway, Brett Anderson at NOLA.com put together New Orleans' Top 10 restaurants for 2013. John Gravois with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said, “What a great job to have -- NOLA writer picks the best restaurants in New Orleans! ... Here are this year's winners.” Steve Paul from the Kansas City Star called it a “Mouthwatering tour of NOLA's 10 best restaurants.” Freelancer Micheline Maynard admitted, “I've eaten at 5 - work cut out for me.” Jonathan Martin from the New York Times wrote, "That list would certainly contain at least one po-boy joint.” Kevin Pang at the Chicago Tribune suggested, “Listen to Brother Brett.” Ben Montgomery at the Tampa Bay Times was ahead of you: “*Prints out. Tucks into suitcase.*”

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