Matters of national security

The Daily Caller reports that Homeland Security raided the home of a veteran D.C. journalist, confiscating her confidential files. She is now afraid federal government sources have now been exposed. Justin Green at the Washington Examiner called it a “Great @AlexPappas story on an actual case of a journalist being oppressed by the government.” Brad Heath from USA Today said, “So the gov't now views #FOIA records as proof of wrongdoing? Agents seized docs during a search of reporter's home.” Jordan Weissmann at The Atlantic added, “I'm skeptical since it's the DC, but if true, this is pretty chilling treatment of a journalist.”

For more on matters of national security, The Guardian’s James Ball reveals that NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts. Colin Freeze at Globe and Mail wrote, “Don't fret world leaders! Your private #s that leaked were just 'metadata'!” Richard Hall at the Independent said, “Can someone ask Rumsfeld if he was the US official who handed over his Rolodex to the NSA? And Rice for that matter.” Marco Werman at BBC explained: “‘Contacts’ are still ‘Rolodexes.’ #OldSchoolNewWorld.” Michael Rass from Public Radio International had another thought: “Gee, image you're a 'world leader' and you were not important enough to be monitored by the NSA.”

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