On texting

Katie Baker writes in Newsweek about Hexing & Texting. She also texted to say: “I wrote a trend piece about magic as a tool of the disenfranchised?” Jason Gilbert at Yahoo! News wrote, “20-somethings ‘are dabbling in the occult, from astrological natal charts to…full-moon ceremonies.’” Jessica Plautz from Skift called it, “Too cool for religion.” Samantha Rollins at The Week Magazine shared this quote from the story: "One 25-year-old Brooklynite complained that all her friends want to do these days is go to full moon ceremonies.”

Mother Jones wondered: How Much Does Your State Fine For Texting and Driving? They also tweeted: “The leading cause of death for teenage drivers in the US is now texting, not drinking.” Stephanie Mencimer there said, “Teens know not to drink and drive but they haven't gotten the message about texting. It's killing a lot of them.” Barbara Berggoetz at the Indianapolis Star suggested, “Ditch 'em!” (Though we’re not sure if she means the phones or the teens.) David Nelson at KWQC-TV wrote, “Violating texting/driving in #Iowa is cheap compared to #Illinois.” Dana Liebelson at Mother Jones added, “Hey Alaska, if you text and drive, you could be fined up to $10,000. Happy Friday.”

And the Wall Street Journal shares The Perils of Texting While President. Elana Zak there wrote, “‘Mobile devices are kind of the ultimate spying machines.’ NSA can put spy software into cell phones via texts.” Ivan Couronne at AFP tweeted this quote from the piece: "European cell networks are specifically designed to be hackable in cooperation with European security services.” And we’re guessing Dick Cheney and his cardiologist may have been on to something then.

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