Today’s GOP

Jennifer Jacobs at the Des Moines Register landed a Q&A with Ted Cruz and tells us of The senator's private side. Lucy McCalmont at Politico tweeted: “Cruz: ‘I’d love to be the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets.’ #4days.” Matthew Huisman from the National Law Journal said, “This explains so much. ‘I despise avocado.’ - Ted Cruz.” Stefan Becket at New York Magazine shared, “Interesting thing about Cruz's (completely correct) avocado line is that it came in response to ‘Any little phobias?’” Jon Ralston added, “Ted Cruz claims only food he dislikes is avocado. Obviously not true. He also has an aversion to eating crow..”

CNN alerts The return of Sarah Palin. Rebecca Sinderbrand at Politico warned, “Don't call it a comeback: ‘The return of Sarah Palin" (via certified Palin authority @PeterHambyCNN)” Peter Hamby then explained, “Palin eyes endorsements in MS, TN, KY SEN primaries. Also SC, even though she gave $$$ to McCain pal Lindsey Graham.” Carl Lavin at CNN just wrote, “She's back in the spotlight.” Kasie Hunt from NBC News explained, “Ted Cruz & Sarah Palin: ‘There is enormous respect between the two, and there is increasing communication...’” So this should be fun.

Elsewhere in the GOP, Sen. Rand Paul threatens to hold nomination of Janet Yellen to Fed chair, according to Steve Liesman’s source. David Graham with The Atlantic wrote, “Rand Paul threatens to hold up Janet Yellen's nomination, for no clear reason. (I mean, probably Audit the Fed)” Ned Resnikoff at MSNBC explained, “Paul's reportedly holding up Yellen confirmation in order to force vote on Fed Transparency Act.” Gina Chon at Financial Times tweeted: “As the world turns.”

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