Featured journalist: Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Today's featured journalist is Andrew Welsh-Huggins, a Columbus, Ohio-based legal affairs writer with the Associated Press. Some reasons we decided he deserved to be profiled: Welsh-Huggins is the author of several books on the death penalty and domestic terrorism, as well as the upcoming "Andy Hayes" mysteries series. Talk about mult-talented.

Andrew got his start in news as a freelance writer at The Providence Phoenix, humbly claiming he chose a career path in journalism because it was "[a]bout all [he] was good at." To his mind, the mantra of journalism is "Get the story first" and his favorite fictional journalist is Rita Skeeter, whom you may know as the intrepid gossip columnist of Harry Potter lore (first time we've seen that as an answer)!

When asked which articles have made him most proud, he answered, "Several true crime narratives." This answer rings true when you browse his portfolio, where recent headlines read "Soul-searching in Cleveland after 3 slayings" and "Ohio football player classified as sex offender."  We would also like to suggest everyone check out his work on the Ariel Castro case, as Andrew is the one who brought us the story on Castro's suicide.

As for his advice to budding journalists, it's this: "Write a lot, read a lot, watch a lot of movies. And exercise--helpful for those long days knocking on doors." Words worth writing down.

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