Future shop talk

Regarding all this “future of news” talk we like to do, Bill Keller at the New York Times suggests A conversation in lieu of a column.  Melissa Jeltsen at MSNBC explained, “Bill Keller and Glenn Greenwald debate the value of 'opinionated' journalism.” David Millikin from AFP called it a “passionate and thought-provoking debate between Bill Keller and @ggreenwald.” Joe Sterling at CNN wondered: “Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?” Ferdinando Giugliano from Financial Times added: “This exchange between @ggreenwald and @nytkeller on the future of journalism is a must read h\t @sarahoconnor_.”

In that same vein, John Henry wrote Why I bought the Globe in Sunday’s paper. Mathew Ingram at GigaOM said, “I'll give this to John Henry -- he seems passionate about Boston and about local journalism, and that is good.” Ben Wolford from the South Florida Sun Sentinel was smitten: “Can we clone this guy? New @BostonGlobe ‘steward’ prepared to lose money if that's what it takes to make journalism.” Jack Moore from BuzzFeed read it differently: “It just says ‘Try talking shit about the Red Sox now’ 200 times.” Ross Kerber at Reuters said, “Still waiting for similar missive from Jeff Bezos.”

For his weekly column, David Carr writes Gawker Kicks Open the Closet, but Its Disclosure Barely Reverberates in the New York Times. He also tweeted: “Gawker gets its man and no one seems to care. Monday column on increased meaningless of outing.” Connor Ennis there wrote, “In latest column, @carr2n asks ‘what if Gawker tried to out an anchor at Fox News and no one cared?’” Joel Pavelski at the New York Post wrote, “Is outing celebs already passé? Or did we all just know about this guy already?” Scott Bixby from Bloomberg Businessweek wrote, “.@NYTimes misses the point on @Gawker's ‘outing’ -- the reason it's not a story is because we all already knew.”

For a look forward, read up on new site Vocativ - an all-new site which launches today - courtesy of Fast Company. Fast Company themselves tweeted, “Launching today: @Vocativ, a startup that uses data-mining to uncover news stories. Here's how it's done.” Kim Nash at CIO wondered if this is “the secret web?” And Emily Levy at Vocativ tweeted: “WE'RE LIVE!”

And xkcd created 20th Century Headlines or, as Adam Soclof at Jewish Telegraphic Agency put it: “What the Holocaust might have looked like on @BuzzFeed.” Thomas Claburn at InformationWeek wrote, “20th Century Headlines: Rewritten To Get More Clicks.” Christopher Spillane with Bloomberg News admitted, “Well this is brilliant.” Lucas Brouwers at Scientific American gave us an example: "6 Titanic survivors who should have died." Freelancer Ed Yong added another: "This One Weird Mould Kills All Germs.”

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