Oct 28, 2013

The New York Times finds out about the trials of Forging an Art Market in China. Michael Cooper there wrote, “The expose of China's art market tells of a museum that was shut due to fears its whole collection was fake.” Colleague David Carr called it, “Pulling back the blankets on wholesale fraud.” Melissa Lee at CNBC said, “Great read on pitfalls of auction biz in China $BI.” Felix Salmon from Reuters added: “@Graham_Bowley does your highest-grossing-artists league table include works which weren't paid for?”

Man Making Ireland Tax Avoidance Hub Proves Local Hero explains Jesse Drucker at Bloomberg. Sarah Rabil there said, “Great read about Ireland's label as a tax haven.” Colleague Lisa Wolfson explained, “Multinational companies find ways to legally avoid income taxes in countries where most of their customers are.”

Vocativ writer Aram Roston explores whether or not Nat Geo Bribed Egypt's Famed Indiana Jones. Felix Salmon at Reuters wrote, “National Geographic is being investigated by the Justice Dept: did it bribe a top Egyptian archaeologist?” Tom Gara from the Wall Street Journal wondered, “How could National Geographic have known paying an Egyptian govt official $200k a year was risky?” Max Fisher at Washington Post shared: “Zahi Hawass is many things but this ‘Indiana Jones of Egypt’ nonsense has got to end.”

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