Featured journalist: Eric Johnson

Today we're pleased to announce that Tuesday's featured journalist is Eric Johnson at AllThingsD. A Community Manager and Games Writer there, Johnson joined All Things Digital as an intern in 2012 before getting bumped up to community manager just a few months later. In his current role, as you might have guessed from his title, Johnson covers video games, mobile games, "indie" games, and the gaming industry in general. And so peeking at his portfolio, you won't be surprised to find headlines like "With First U.S. Game Launch, Playtox Bets the Farm on HTML5's Potential" and "Google Play Had More App Downloads in Q2 Than iOS, but the Money Is Still on Apple's Side." (But for the record, he does not cover game trailers and game updates).

In his day-to-day job, Johnson's tools start with WordPress, followed by Twitter, IFTTT and note-taking apps. As for his opinion on how social media has changed news, Johnson writes, "For the people who use it as a news source -- either sporadically or all the time -- social media advances the conversation faster than ever." As for his favorite network, he doesn't have one. "The big three for news -- Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn -- are all good at very different things," he points out.

Johnson's favorite fictionalized journalists, by the way, are Redford and Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein, but officially, we feel the need to tell you that his favorite fictional journo is the Muppet News Flash anchor. Awesome answer.

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