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Oct 29, 2013

In military news, a stunning report from Katie Drummond at The Verge asks: why is our military making its soldiers sick? Is this "the next Agent Orange?" Or as colleague Adrianne Jeffries summarized it, "What do you do with the trash at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan? Burn it and make people sick." Noah Shachtman with Foreign Policy asked a different question: "Q: Is there anyone better than @katiedrumm at reporting on the nexus of the military & medicine? A: Not even close."

And in media: Not that he ever really left, but Bob Woodward is back at The Washington Post, as Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reports that he will be taking a more active role now that Jeff Bezos is in charge. Really, though, the biggest take-away from the story is this: "Bob Woodward makes $25 a month at the Washington Post," tweeted Heidi Moore at the Guardian US. "Knew from the moment I sat w/ him at our WP interns lunch that I would one day have a higher salary than Bob Woodward," joked ESPN's Seth Wickersham.

Still, freelance journalist John McQuaid mused, "If Woodward’s renewed commitment to the WaPo means more scoops and less punditry, then it’s Bezos’s first smart move." GigaOM's Mathew Ingram, however, was less of a fan: "Sure, because that's what the Washington Post really needs -- more Bob Woodward." 

And finally, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has pointed out that, evidently, Rand Paul plagiarized "Gattaca's" Wikipedia page in a speech. "Hopefully this embarrassing Gattaca plagiarism incident leads more people to watch Gattaca, which is a great movie," commented Dan Amira with New York Magazine, finding the silver lining.

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