Weird ... but true

And to round-up the day, here's a sampling of the weirdest of the watercooler offerings: first of all, a city in California is claiming that a Sriracha sauce factory odor is causing headaches and burning eyes in its residents. "Oh no! There's some SRIRACHA DRAMA in Irwindale, CA," fretted Megan Robertson with HuffPost Live.

Next, Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards just called Arcade Fire "gigantic dorks with boring sex lives." Yup, that really happened. Gawker's Drew Magary observed, "Oh wow, the WaPo mercilessly trolls Arcade Fire." Merciless was a good word for it.

Also in music, for some reason a lot of us care that the boy band the Jonas Brothers are calling it quits. "So much for my "Future Mrs. Jonas" t-shirt," Chris Parente lamented the news at Fox 31 Denver. Jordan Fifer from the Roanoke Times had a different reaction: "WHY OBAMACARE WHY."

Finally, in what we might call the strangest possible entertainment news, we learn that the British navy used Britney Spears' music to scare off Somali pirates. What? ... Right on cue, CBC's Derek Stoffel tweeted, "Toxic!!"

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